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About this blog

Three Generatons of Thompson Family pilots take the skies over Indianola Iowa in the National Classic

Entries in this blog


We leave in the morning! Packing for two weeks, cleaning the truck, Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Balance, 3400 boxes for the apartment. Pots, Pans, Paper towels, toilet paper, garbage can and bags.. We also bring the big Tent/Awning we use at Jules, Card Printer, GoPro cameras, Logos and vinyl for Tyler’s Trailer, Luggage, Radio’s, Helium Tank, Balloons, Compass, Download the Competition map… Lawn mowed, Dogs to the vet for Boarding, OMG OMG we have been at this for two weeks getting ready and tomorrow we leave.


4 am we hit the road! We will be at Jules house on Thursday afternoon. When we get to Jules we have to set up the Awning. Then put the war paint on Tyler's trailer. Logos and balloons.
I also have an Inflation Fan for Tyler, It is buried under all sorts of stuff.





Sm DSC03248


Well, Kim McCourt is on the road. He will leave tomorrow to go and visit his son in lakeland and then head north to the northern part of Georgia to visit friends. He will spend a few days there and then head to Kansas City to see his sister and on to Indianola Iowa.



We Got Shirts!


We have new uniform shirts to wear for the Classic. Apparently my nephew Tyler would not wear his uniform shirt because it said Ground Crew on it.


He received his pilots certificate last fall. Wont he be surprised when we show up with a whole new set of shirts for him that say Capt. Tyler Thompson... We also got his soon to be wife a set that say Crew Chief. Can not wait to present him with them.


More later.


Getting Prepaired


Where to start. Truck oil change, Tire rotate an ballance, GPS files, maps, radios, Chargers, Tent, Fan, and on and on and on.


Both my wife Gina and I have been making lists of items we must remember to take. This will be a three thousand mile trip over 13 days with three children in tow. This is only the first of many entries in this blog. Stay tuned for more and some fantastic balloon photos as well.



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