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Video Tutorials

Just simple videos that show how to do some of the different things on HotAirBalloonist.com Some with audio and some not. Free to download.

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    How to Create a Calendar Event

    This is a great tutorial on how to add a calendar event on the HAB calendar pages.  Easy to use and great options.  REMEMBER if you create a balloon club on HotAirBalloonist.com you will get a calendar of your own! 
    REMEMBER THIS IS A LARGE FILE.  Depending on your connection speed it may take a little time to download.



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    Insert a VIDEO into a calendar Event.

    YES YOU CAN!  Do you have a video about your event?  Is it on YouTube?  When you create an event on the Calendar on HotAirBalloonist.com you can include any promotional videos you may have online on YouTube.  Just copy the URL and place it into the details window of your event and POOF!  The video will play right within your event page. 
    Pretty Slick
    Just what I did below.
    Insert a VIDEO in your calendar event..mp4



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    Upload a Photo for sale

    Uploading a photo for sale requires an Equipment Sellers Membership. Simple navigate to your category and select Upload File. Then follow the instructions.



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    Using Word Files

    So you have a story or other file created in Word.
    You have tried to copy and paste it into a topic or into a BIO and it does not work. The format is all messed up and your photos are gone and it just does not look right. There is a reason for this. Word writes all those commands in a seperate file so the format and photos will only load into word.
    There is a way to make it work here! This is a topic. Here is a presentation on how to get your word document to appear exacly like you see in on your computer and on the HAB page.
    This will work for almost any document.



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    Enlarging a T-Skew

    A simple click and drag and you can enlarge a T-Skew for viewing



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    How easy is it to UP load a File in the Download center.

    The download center is one of the easiest sections on the whole site.
    First choose your category. Balloon Video or Pictures or files. What category fits your download. Do you have a committee or a club. Where will your friends look to find your files.
    Next just hit the upload button. You will be prompted to select two files. The first upload box is the actual file you are uploading and the second one is for a photo or Icon you want to appear when someone views your download file.
    Next you must give your file a name and a short description of what the file is. That is it! Click the "Add Submission" button and POOF your file is going up!
    Best of all if you have other members who follow your category the system will automatically send them an email to let them all know you have just uploaded a new file!
    Watch the video and see how fast it is to upload and to download a file.



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    How to Delete a topic

    So lets say you have a basket for sale or a set of burners. You have created a topic in the 4Sale section of the site. Today you have sold the item you had listed and you need to remove or delete your listing.
    First Log on.
    Navigate your way to your topic or add.
    Over on the right side of the page you will see the Follow This Topic button. Just below this you will see the Reply to Topic button and just to the left of that you will see a link that says. "Topic Moderation"
    Simply clic on the link Topic Moderation and a drop down menu will appear. Simply click DELETE and the system will ask you to confirm.
    Poof, Your topic is gone. That easy!



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    How to start a Poll

    Starting a poll is as easy as starting a topic. In fact you have to start a topic first and then make you poll inside the topic.
    Go to any category and select your sub-category or forum. Click on the brown button "Start New Topic" Once you have started your topic you will see a link on the right hand side of your topic at the top that says "Manage Poll" Click on that link and a new editor will open where you can create your custom poll.
    It is easier than you think. We have a whole category on the topics page just for polling.



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    Change from one membership to another.

    So you have selected one membership and now would like to change to a different one.
    Log in and go to your client area. Click on your purchases and select Change Package. Then just select the membership you want to change to. If you have a credit card on file just hit Confirm Order and POOF you now have a different membership.



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    Change from Monthly to Yearly Membership

    Some times we just want to pay for something once! We understand that. So we have made it easy to change from a Monthly membership to a yearly one.
    First Log IN.
    Go to your client area and click on Purchases. When you see the membership you have purchased click on that membership and then select the option "Cancel" on the right hand side. Confirm that you want to cancel. Then choose to Reactivate that membership and you will have the option to reactivate it for a monthly or yearly membership. Choose Yearly and then hit reactivate. ON the next screen select renew. If you have a credit card on file you just click confirm order and POOF you now have a yearly membership.
    You may want to watch the video a couple of times but it is not hard to do.



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    Getting a Yearly Membership

    On HotAirBalloonist.com you have the choice of a monthly membership or a yearly membership. To get a yearly membership you must go to the store and click on the Membership's category. Then select the membership you want my clicking on the name of the membership. This will take you to a page where you can select a Yearly or Monthly option.
    This video will show you this process.



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    Following a Topic

    On of the great features on HotAirBalloonist.com is the Follow this feature. You can stay up to date on any topic you want on the entire site. By following a topic or a calendar event or even a photo or gallery or even an entire forum or category you reiceve instant email updates on any activity on a topic you follow.
    Lets just say you have posted a topic in a forum and you want to know instantly when someone else has made a reply or posted another topic in that forum. Just click Follow This at the top right hand side and any time someone makes a post you get an email to tell you about what they wrote.
    This feature is installed all over the entire site. Use it to stay tuned with the items you are interested in and not get the emails about the junk you don't care about.



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    How to Insert Links

    In this video we show you how to insert a link for either Email or for a website into the text in your topic.
    Log in and go to the category where you would like to start a topic. Give your topic a title and then start to add the text about your topic.
    When you would like to insert a link, Highlight the text you want to insert a link into and click the Link button on the tool bar. Select if you want an email link or a hyperlink and then type your address into the box and hit enter. It is very easy for you to create dramatic and fantastic topics with links to anything you want your visitors to see.



  14. Free

    Request a Payout

    You can make money on HAB! If you have files or photographs or anything you want to sell you can on HotAirBalloonist.com. If you are part of the Member Referral program and have cash credits from that you may cash them out as well.
    Log in and click on your log in name at the top right hand side of the page. Select the link Client Area. Then on the left hand side of the page you will find a tab called Account Credit. Click on this tab and you will see how much credit is in your account. When your credit is above $25 you can request a payout. Just click the button "Request Payout" and type in the amount you want us to send you.
    You must have at least $25 credit in your account to request a payout. You can not request a payout of more than your account balance.



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    Put a logo in your Signature and Link it to your website

    There are several steps to this one but I promise it is not that hard if you take it slow and go step by step.

    Log in and go to the Photo Gallery
    Create a gallery for yourself or your company and upload your logo.
    At this point is where the Video starts. Log in and go to your gallery. (you can click on your name at the top and go directly to your gallery)
    Click on the logo or image you want to use.
    Right click on the image and copy the location link
    Go back to your name at the top right and click on your name and select Settings
    On the settings page click "Signature"
    Inside the Editor click on the Image Icon and paste the logo location into the box
    The image should now appear in your editor.
    Click once on the image and then click on the Link Icon.
    Type in the URL of your website and hit enter.

    You should now have a logo in your signature that when a user clicks on your logo a new window will open and your website will be displayed. This one is a little bit tricky but if you go slowly you can do it. If all else fails give us a call and we will help.



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    Notifications! How to turn on and off.

    One of the nice features of this site is being able to stay connected to the things that interest you without being plagued with tons of emails about stuff you do not care about.
    In the Notifications Center of your Personal Settings area you can customize the amount and frequency of information the site sends to you! Select the items you want to know about and un-slect the items you don't.
    The very first check box at the top of the page is for the Website Newsletter.
    Remember you can also use the Follow Me feature all over the site when you find something you want to keep informed about. See the Video Tutorial "Follow Me"



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    Using a Coupon Code

    Using a coupon code is easy. In this video we are signing on with an existing account so we can get to checkout quicker.
    Weather you are using a Registered Guest account or creating a new account the procedure for using a coupon is the same.
    When you get to checkout where it wants a credit card you will find a link that says "I have a coupon" You click on that link and then type in your coupon and hit enter and the shopping cart will automatically be adjusted for the coupon.
    Have a watch.



  18. Free

    Making a Donation and checking your account credit.

    We have a referral program where you can earn account credits in REAL Dollars. These dollars are credited to your account. You can check your account balance in your client area. You can also use your credit to pay for your account membership or give a voucher to someone for a membership of their own or even make a donation.
    In this video you will see how to check your account balance and donate some of your credit.



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    Posting a Reply to a topic.

    As a member logged into the site you can post reply's to topics all over the site. Just look for the brown Post Reply button on the right hand side of the page or scroll down to the bottom of the topic and other reply's and you find an open editor to make your reply in.
    After you have made your reply don't forget to click on the follow this topic button. Following the topic you have replied to will send you an instant email if someone else reply's to the topic.
    If you do not see a Post Reply button then your membership does not allow you to make reply's in that category.



  20. Free

    Saving a Credit Card on your account

    To make your life easy you can keep a credit card on file at HotAirBalloonist.com.
    This card then can be used for renewals of your membership as well as if you wish to purchase anything in the Online Store or in the Downloads section. Saving your card to your account is very easy and can most often be done in under two minutes.



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    Using the Unsubscribe button in an Email

    OK. So you forgot your log in password and you are not interested in getting the newsletter email from the site.
    At the bottom of every email we send is a link to Unsubscribe.
    Just click that link and it will take you off the mailing list.
    Watch real close in the video and you will see the little "Sign In" link at the top right hand side of the video. If we were signed in that would have our user name and not "Sign In"
    Should you want to get back on the mailing list you WOULD NEED to log in and go to your settings area.



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    How to UNFOLLOW

    We have had a few people ask not to get the notifications from the Forum HAB Walkie Talkie. The procedure to unfollow is as simple as it is to follow a topic or forum.
    First log on to the site.
    Then go to Category Hot Topics. Click on the Sub-Forum HAB Walkie Talkie. When the page loads simply click on the button on the right that says "Unfollow" It will ask you to confirm and you click YES and your all set.
    Download the video to watch us do this procedure for a member.



  23. Free

    How to Opt Out of the HotAirBalloonist newsletters

    It was brought to our attention that some members were having a hard time with the Unsubscribe link on the newsletters. So we decieded to create a video to help you do that should you choose.
    First Log ON.
    Second click on your name at the top right hand side of the page and select Settings.
    Under Settings you will see Notification Options. You may un-check any or all of them.
    Here is a video you can watch as we do exactly that for a member.



  24. Free

    How to list something for sale!

    Listing equipment is actually quite easy.
    First you must have an Equipment Sellers Membership. They are available in the online store.
    Log in and Navigate your way to the forum that best describes your item. You would not start a topic in the Baskets category if you are selling an envelope or a set of burners so make sure you are in the right category before you start your topic.
    Next you want to have a good title for your topic.
    2010 Aerostar 105 Classic basket low hrs.
    Something short and sweet.
    Then in your topic go wild! The more information the better. Tell us everything you can about what you have for sale. be as detailed as you want and don't forget to add your contact information. (remember that everyone can see your topic even people who are not members) Be as complete with your contact information as you can. Email, Web Links, Phone Numbers everything.
    Then ad photos. As many as you can! You have a 10MB limit but if you size your photos about 600 X 800 pixels you should be able to get about 25 to 30 of them loaded.
    Then HIT Save! Don't worry one of the greatest features of this site is that you can go back and edit anything you posted at any time. Add more text change the price add more photos and when you sell the equipment you can delete your topic in just a couple of mouse clicks!
    So watch the video and see how easy and then GET STARTED!



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    Creating a custom Signature

    A custom signature is a great way to let people know who you are! A Signature will appear at the bottom of each topic you create or at the bottom of each reply you make. You can create custom signatures with Hyperlinks, and Email links and even logos and photos.
    MY Name
    1234 A St.
    My home city
    My state and zip.
    Email Me

    To add photos or logos you must first go and create a personal gallery to draw your logos into the signature. See video tutorial