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Landing Clips

At the end of a training flight Kim McCourt stuck his head in front of the camera and said his name and where he had landed. When we saw this my wife decieded to poke a litte fun at him and then the game was on. This video is made from over 350 fligh...

ThompsonAire | 85 Views | 16 Minutes

The Three E's

Pilot Jeff Thompson talks about ballooning.

HotAirBalloonist | 172 Views

Engagement Flight Over Letchworth

HotAirBalloonist | 155 Views

Tyson's first solo

Teaching others how to fly is one of my greatest jobs. Tyson started his journey as a Drone operator wanting to be a Drone Pilot, Now he has taken to flying without wings as a LTA pilot too.

Look at the smile at the end

Love is in the air | 221 Views | 48 seconds

Front Field

Took my 4 year old daughter for her 6th flight. My wife met me at the landing field with my son. Great day and nice surprise.

HotAirBalloonist | 239 Views

Add Heat

Why we do this!

HotAirBalloonist | 314 Views

InfraRed Balloon Inflation

This is a really cool side by side video of an inflation using regular camera and an infrared camera showing the heat as it rises inside the balloon. Notice the radiant heat effect on the throat of the balloon.

HotAirBalloonist | 336 Views

2015 CBF Saturday AM

Team Heartburn target hunting during the Saturday morning flight at Carolina Balloonfest 2015. Fly In followed by Hesitation Waltz (two targets to choose from). #teamheartburn #lucky13

HotAirBalloonist | 312 Views

The Engagment

David and Julie lifted off as friends and landed engaged. I Never get tired of the sweeeet moments in ballooning!

Love is in the air | 413 Views | 33 secs.

Kim McCourt "Stonybrook"

A tribute to a great family friend.

HotAirBalloonist | 448 Views

Thanksgiving Day Proposal

HotAirBalloonist | 493 Views

Junior World Balloon Championships

This is great! Wish they had something like this when I was a kid.

HotAirBalloonist | 479 Views

Untouched Swamps

Stunning video flying in and around some untouched Florida swamps.

ThompsonAire | 588 Views

Halloween Balloon Wedding

Hot Air Balloon Wedding on Halloween day!

HotAirBalloonist | 530 Views

Albq. Time lapse Very Cool

Outstanding video of the largest balloon event in the world.

HotAirBalloonist | 470 Views

Balloon Flight with Thompson Aire.

Wonderful flight in the Disney World area.

HotAirBalloonist | 443 Views

Wild McCaw's

While flying in a hot air balloon three wild McCaw's were buzzing the basket.

HotAirBalloonist | 437 Views

Another day in Paradise

Love flying the swamps in Florida

HotAirBalloonist | 364 Views

Playing in the Florida Swamps

A wonderful flight

HotAirBalloonist | 532 Views

End of a proposal flight in Florida

This is the last few moments of a flight where a young couple got engaged.

HotAirBalloonist | 325 Views

Early Raven Balloon Testing

Some fantastic footage of the first modern prototype hot air balloon.

HotAirBalloonist | 323 Views

Thompson Aire Balloon Rides

Thompson Aire Balloon Rides in the Disney world area of Central Florida. Flights are conducted at sunrise each morning weather permitting.

HotAirBalloonist | 502 Views

I LOVE TO FLY National Classic 2014

Saturday Night at the National Balloon Classic 2014

HotAirBalloonist | 442 Views

What is HotAirBalloonist.com

What is Hot Air Balloonist.

HotAirBalloonist | 533 Views


I have had a few landings like this. My worst was at 41mph They are guessing they were doing 35kts so about 40 or so.

HotAirBalloonist | 588 Views

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