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  2. My Balloon Event

    This is my balloon event. I can use as much text as I want on this page. I can also put in EMAILS and I can insert HYPERLINKS in any text I want. I can also change the FONT and APPEARANCE I can insert PHOTOS. I CAN ALSO INSERT FILES IBA_2014.pdf APPLICATIONS and more. YOU CAN EVEN PUT A YOUTUBE VIDEO into your event listing. That's right! Just go to your youtube video and copy the full url and paste it into the Details editor and POOF you have a video in your event listing. Looks like this below
  3. Test Topic

    This is just a test paragraph. The reason we have made this is so we can show you how to embed a Hyperlink or an email link into the text of your topic. You topic can be whatever you want it to be. The test can be as long or short as you want. If you want to add schedules or applications or any files you want you can do so by adding them into the topic by using the editor at the bottom facebook-integration-guide.pdf
  4. MY Balloon Seminar

    Type the items that you want.
  5. Everyone can join this

    This is an open club. Anyone can join the club. Log in and then click the JOIN CLUB button. You are now part of the club. A message will be sent to the club owner that you have joined. Now as a club member you can post topics and add events to the calendar. Click the FOLLOW button and you will be notified when ever another club member adds a topic or puts an event on the calendar or even responds to your topics.
  6. Sure would love for more people to get on here .  We all have something to ad to the site.


  7. I love the new layout.  So many great new features.

  8. BalloonRide

  9. This account is for viewing the site only.

  10. I Love Ballooning Sticker

    Amazon has a decal for your truck or car. It is an I Love Ballooning decal that is pretty cute. Here is the link. Amazon Sticker.
  11. Lovely boomers today in Florida

  12. Version


    Need markers for your balloon event. Get them here in the general store. Your choice of 5 colors.


  13. Gina and Kim's Birthday today

    Happy 37 to Gina and happy 47 to Kim. We love you both
  14. Florida Travel Artwork



    Magazine artwork.