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  1. Did you know that Ride Operators can now sell thier passenger photos in the Download Center

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    HotAirBalloonist.com is a membership site. This entire site is funded by the membership fees our members pay to be on the site. Part of the membership fees are also used to find and list other balloonist's who don't pay a fee. This may not seem fair to those who pay to be a member but, the whole goal of this site is to be the best online resource for the balloon world! This means not only being a great resource for Balloonists but also being a great resource for the general public as well. ANYONE from the balloon pilot to the potential passenger, can find what they are looking for in the balloon world here on HotAirBalloonist.com. That is the goal of this site. If it has to do with ballooning you will find it here. There are a couple of ways you can help. If you have the choice of using a member of the site for services please choose our MEMBERS first! Another way you can help, (even if you are not a balloonist or a balloon crew member) is to support the site by becoming a member. A basic membership is only $2 a month or a one time annual fee of $20. These funds help support this site and in turn the hot air balloon world. Since our members are the ones who pay a fee to be listed on this site as well as to keep this site up and running we ask one simple thing. Support our members. It is easy to tell who is a member by looking at the left side of any Topic. There you will find the name of who posted the topic and you will see below one of the Member Icons. If the topic was listed by one of our administrators then it was NOT posted by a paid member. Below you will see examples of the Member Icons. Look for one of these when choosing a service provider. Get a Membership Everyone who is a member of this site is dedicated to the growth and advancement of the world of Hot Air Ballooning. From the Sport Fliers to the Ride Operators, The Manufacturers to the Student Pilot. We all thank you for your interest in our world and cant wait to help you in any way we can. Tell them you found them on HotAirBalloonist.com