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    Apex Balloons is one of the most personal, dynamic, exciting and experienced hot air balloon companies in the country. We have been providing safe, enjoyable hot air balloon flights in various regions of the United States for more than fifteen years. We offer hot air balloon flights in the Phoenix & Scottsdale Arizona area with the same commitment to service that our guests have come to expect. We schedule and fly hot air balloon rides in Phoenix, Arizona seven days a week from October through May, with balloon flights launching daily at sunrise, weather permitting. Late afternoon sunset flights are available during the cooler months of November through March. We are not a large hot air balloon company - in fact, we are entirely owner/pilot operated - and we firmly believe that allows us to offer a more personal experience over the "big box" balloon companies out there that operate almost on an assembly line basis, handling many dozens of passengers daily. We prefer to operate on a smaller scale, which allows us to offer a much more personalized and unique hot air balloon ride experience. Despite our small size, we are an established hot air balloon company with many years of experience and the capability to make any special request come to life. Thousands of smiling faces have joined us in flight for an unforgettable experience that can hardly be surpassed. Check out what our past balloon flight guests have said about their flights! Owner and chief pilot Jon Radowski is proud of our absolutely immaculate safety record throughout our history in hot air ballooning, and strives to make your balloon flight as safe, as enjoyable, and as memorable as possible. When you call to ask questions or schedule your flight, you'll talk directly to one of our pilots, not a secretary or answering service who doesn't have first-hand knowledge of the realities of hot air ballooning in Arizona. Click here to read why else we firmly believe our balloon flights and service are the best available. Please visit our website for many more photos and detailed information about our hot air balloon flights in Phoenix. When you are ready to make a reservation, you may do so conveniently by choosing your desired flight date and time through our online reservation system. We look forward to providing a positively special life experience that will be a fond memory and topic of conversation for the rest of your life! Soft Landings, Jon Radowski Owner / Chief Pilot