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  1. Welcome to Bluff City Balloons! Bluff City Balloons is the Mid-South's only locally owned and operated hot air balloon company. Located in Memphis, Bluff City Balloons offers a spectacular opportunity to see Memphis and and the Mid-South from a bird's-eye view. Ballooning is unique way to celebrate special occasions including birthdays, special events and family gatherings. A hot air balloon ride adds a romantic touch to marriage proposal. We also specialize in commercial advertising and promotions as well as flight training. Mailing Address: PO Box 3631 Cordova, TN 38088-3631 Reservations- Toni Durham (901) 481-7367 Pilot- Skip Durham (901) 314-4579 Email- Website Bluff City Balloons
  3. From the album GOPRO set up

    while crude this has worked great for me so far. Built with home depot stuff. great angle for the folks in the basket and flight. e mail me if you would like more info.
  4. From the album Shenagains in Memphis

    beautiful flight this day
  5. From the album Shenagains in Memphis

    Tether at the Dixon Art gallery