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    As each hot-air balloon flight is unique, it is this singular experience that we hope will be a lifelong, treasured memory. The flight itself is only a vehicle for each one’s imagination, to allow a moment of whimsy and the release of all earth-bound concerns . . . however brief. There will be occasions where the balloon basket merely hovers inches above the green, summer grass; or flows smoothly over the rolling terrain like a silent roller coaster. Perhaps we will just brush the crowns of Ponderosa Pine trees, with their cones within an arm's length . . . there for the snatching. At other times, to find ourselves brushing the soft grey bottom of a wandering cloud or two; or cruising above them and observing the rainbow-colored halo set around the sun cast shadow of your balloon. Except for winter operations, all hot-air balloon flights begin at sunrise, as this is the coolest and most stable time of the entire day. It is our intent to be airborne for no less than one hour; however, more likely, it will be longer, as appropriate landing sites are not always available at our convenience or our schedule. We must find them. And that, too, is part of the fun. Welcome aboard. See our Website http://www.mountainbutterflyllc.com/home/ Please contact us at: 406 777-3858 (pilot) 406 777-0520 (office) mountainbutterfly@cybernet1.com