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  2. SPARKS, BOBBY (Inducted 2016)

    The form filled out by the Chase family was just the form only and did not supply any new information; however we already do have quite a reasonable amount of information of Bob Sparks, and at 80 or 81 years old I think he should be one of the candidates we give active consideration to. Orvin
  3. To see Hall of Fame biography file use link below. Ballooning Pioneer 3rd President of Balloon Federation of America World Famous Surgeon and Professor Plastic Surgery at University of Michigan Authored many books on Plastic Surgery, Especially of the hand and cleft palates 1967 Started Flying Balloons. Saw something about a hot air balloon and decided to get a balloon. Contacted Raven Industries and Ed Yost arranged for his purchase of a balloon. Went to the factory, got a training lesson from Ed, for his balloon with a chair basket/seat. Had one flight and went home. His next flight was out of his yard, the day of his party. Bruce and Tucker Comstock, students at the University of Ann Arbor, saw the balloon and followed. Saw it land, helped pack up and jotted down the name “Raven”. After graduating, they met Bill again and got involved in ballooning. When Bill was President of the BFA, he asked Bruce to be editor of BALLOONING Journal. Tucker volunteered to do Membership and put it on a computer. Tucker credits Bill with encouraging both she and Bruce to get involved in the BFA on a national level. 1970 Placed 2nd in US Nationals in Des Moines, Iowa On the last task, Frank Pritchard and Bill were neck-and-neck for the title of champion. On the last flight, a Hare and Hound from the Iowa State Fairgrounds, the balloons were becalmed over a corn field south of town. It was a hot and muggy Iowa summer night. When distances were calculated, Frank was the winner by 2 feet, and there was the question, should we re-measure the two distances? Bill said that was too much to ask in the heat and dark and impending thunderstorm. No, he was content with 2nd place. President, Balloon Federation of America Bill was the third President of the BFA, after Peter Pellegrino and Don Kersten. When he became President of the BFA, the organization was in early and fragile years of the organization. And the sport was growing rapidly. Bill got BALLOONING Journal back into publication for members. And greatly encouraged the formation of the First World Hot Air Balloon Championship in 1973 in Albuquerque. When Bill passed away in 1982, he was remembered as a “Gentleman Balloonist”. Steven Langjahr, who was Secretary of the BFA during the same era as Bill, wrote: Bill Grabb was a gentleman who happened to be a lover of ballooning, a lover of science and a lover of life. His contributions to each are appreciated by those who knew him. As President of the BFA, Bill was the consummate diplomat who never took himself or the organization too seriously. He understood the need for our federation but chose to draw our attention away from politics. Writing in BALLOONING ten years ago, he noted “…the only thing that keeps running through my thoughts is: Ballooning is a genteel sport. Ballooning is fun. Enjoy it together.” Download this file
  4. This file did not convert from PDF Here are the photos. Download this file
  5. Van Orman.Ward.CIF.pdf VanOrman.WWB.pdf
  6. Book.Wally.Bio.pdf For editing files use links below. Edited files will be previewed by a moderator before it is added into this forum. Book.Wally.Bio.docx
  7. ED YOST MASTER PILOT AWARD Balloon Federation of America Award Program Applicant Information Form APPLICANT: Name: Thomas S. McConnell Address: 1742 Diete Place NW City, Albuquerque State, NM ZIP:87107 Telephone: 505-250-1182 E-mail: tmccon@unm.edu Letters of recommendation: Attach two letters of recommendation from holders of FAA LTA pilot certificates who attest to the applicant's 40 or more years of LTA piloting experience. Provide documentation: Provide proper documentation describing the kind of certificate(s) held by the applicant. Attach copies of documents indicating the original date of the pilot's LTA solo flight or original LTA flight certificate. Resume: Please provide a detailed and complete ballooning biography for the applicant that includes the candidate's history and involvement in ballooning. PERSON MAKING THE SUBMISSION: Name: Mick Murphy Address: 115 Townline Highway S. City, Watertown State, CT ZIP: 06795 Telephone: 203-910-4955 E-mail:info@aerblarney.com Return the Applicant Information Form to: Balloon Federation of America PO Box 400 Indianola, IA 50125 bfaoffice2@bfa.net 3 BALLOONING BACKGROUND: One of Albuquerque's pioneer balloonists, Tom "Doc" McConnell was involved with the first World Championships in 1973, obtaining his commercial pilot rating in July 1973. As the owner and pilot of the Zia balloon, the yellow ba.lloon with red zia symbol NM state flagship, he has been traditionally one of the first balloons to launch during Fiesta, generally with a VIP guest. His famous balloon now belongs to son Tom II. AIBF INVOLVEMENT/MAJOR CONTRIBUTIONS: Tom has served on the Board of Directors since 1979 and as Presidentin 1991-92. His most important work is the innumerable hours he spends each year as a volunteer helping to make Balloon Fiesta successful. He was Chair of the Calendar Committee for eight years and has been a member of the Heritage Committee since its inception. Much of Tom's work has been in the thankless activities related to finances, by-laws, staff evaluation, and strategic planning. While these are not the jobs that awe spectators, they are essential for the overall sound operations of Balloon Fiesta and have resulted in a professionally run organization. A physician educator by profession, Tom has made significant contributions in areas of pilot and crew education, having made about 75 presentations on balloon safety issues, culminating in the book "Balloon Safety Seminars." He has written several articles for the AIBF annual programs, and is co-editor of the official history book "The World Comes to Albuquerque - The Dream Takes Flight" published to h celebrate the 401 Balloon Fiesta. Mark Sullivan h This year will mark Toms' 401 year flying the Zia hot air balloon. He is one of Albuquerque's earliest balloon pilots, part of the second "class" of balloon pilots trained through the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) in 1973. Tom was the second President of AAAA in 1974. He has served on the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Board of Directors since 1979 and was President of the Board in 1992. Tom McConnell has been actively participating in balloon safety seminars since 1979. Honors include: The Snowmass Trophy Sid Cutter Award AIBF Heritage Pin Balloon Fiesta Hall of Fame Thomas McConnell, MD 1995 Achievements: Author: Balloon Safety Seminars: "Balloon Safety Seminars is not light bedside reading. It is a compilation of seminar subjects and accident reconstructions all with one common theme, safety. It is not a book to be read in the common sense, i.e., from front to back cover. Instead it is, like its author, an educational resource. Pick a subject of interest, find the chapter that discusses it, then read and learn. ... any balloon club or other group of aeronauts could easily use this guide to create a quality safety seminar Co-Author The World Comes to Albuquerque: The story behind all your favorite Balloon Fiesta events: the Balloon Glow, the Special Shapes Rodeo, the Dawn Patrol, the America s Challenge, and more! Hundreds of stunning color photographs of Balloon Fiestas past and present! From Albuquerque's very first balloon flight in 1882! to the present day, The World Comes to Albuquerque Download this file
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  13. David Troutman 612 Wardshire Place Louisville KY 40223 April 4, 2013 Orvin Olivier 1911 W 57th Street Sioux Falls SD 57108 Dear Orv: Please accept this as my letter of nomination for Mike Ehrler to be recognized by the BFA with their Distinguished Pilot Award. In 1973, Mike Ehrler was the first to purchase a hot air balloon in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Shortly after receipt, he became the first recognized hot air balloon pilot in the commonwealth by the FAA. In 1974, he piloted his balloon to victory in the prestigious Kentucky Derby Festival Great Balloon Race. He has continued to participate in the event every subsequent year and will be recognized at this year’s event for 40 continuous years of participation. Mike was also instrumental in the development of ballooning in the local, state, and regional community. He was a founding member of our local balloon club, the Balloon Society of Kentucky. He is still an active member in the club which is recognized as the second oldest and one of the most active balloon clubs in America. Over the past 40 years, Mike has also provided countless hours of instruction to prospective pilots on their journey towards certification. His mentoring did not stop there as he served as the FAA Designated Flight Examiner for our community and provided certification for over 100 pilots in our region. Mike is an avid enthusiast of aviation and first started his journey as a bomber pilot in WWII. In the late 70’s, Mike designed and built his very own chair balloon (more commonly known today as a cloud hopper) and was featured on the cover of Popular Mechanics Magazine. He was also an owner in the American Blimp Company, a global manufacturer of airships. In 2008, Mike was also recognized as one of the “Legends of Ballooning” at the BFA Convention hosted by his own Balloon Society of Kentucky. As if those accomplishments are not enough, Mike was also honored by the FAA with their most distinguished honor, the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award in 2011. In summary, I cannot think of an individual more deserved of this recognition. Ballooning in our part of the country would not exist in the fashion it does today without his stewardship to the sport. His impact can be felt far and wide and he is a true ambassador of the sport and I am honored to have been mentored by him over the course of my life. I appreciate your consideration in advance and should you have any questions please let me know. Yours truly, David Troutman Ehrler.BIO.pdf
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  15. Shields Trauger Nomination For Maury Sullivan Note from Awards Chair: Orvin Olivier This Shields Trauger nomination is time sensitive! Normally this award would be given at the AGM in October; however the intent is for this award, if approved, to be given in August at the Worlds in Battle Creek. The nomination was written by David Levin. A past presidents committee consisting of Ray Bair, Jim Thompson and Tom Sheppard have reviewed this nomination and have recommended it to you, the BFA Board of Directors. Nomination I would like to nominate Maury Sullivan for the Shields Trauger Memorial Award for his many years of service to the Balloon Federation of America. His nomination is based on two categories. First, for "Important contribution to balloon safety" and second, for "exemplary service to BFA" Maury headed up the committee which wrote the Balloon Events Guidelines. This document enables "Event Organizers and Officials to properly organize, plan and execute a balloon event with the safety of pilots, sponsors and the general public as the top priority." I'm sure you are well aware of the huge effort that went into producing this valuable document. After the split between BFA and NABA, Maury worked as an event official with NABA. He had a reputation as a good Director and didn't carry all the NABA baggage. While I was directing the U.S. National Championship in Waco, Texas along with Mathijs deBruijn, I invited Maury to join our staff as safety officer in the hopes of his eventually taking over as Event Director. We worked well together and he became Event Director in 2010. He will be Assistant Director at the Nationals in Longview, Texas, thus maintaining the connection between various groups of competition officials. I expect that he will again be Event Director after the Longview contract runs out in three years. Maury will be my Deputy Director for the World Championship in Battle Creek this year and he is Chairman of the Worlds Planning Committee. His leadership in this endeavor is invaluable. Without his dedication we would not be as prepared for hosting the Championship in Battle Creek. The committee meets by conference call monthly and Maury's leadership has kept us focused and on track. I would not have enjoyed this process without his leadership. Maury has been a member of the HACD for several years. He is the man behind the scenes for advising the Chairman and other members of the committee. He works tirelessly for the Division and is key to our future success. Finally, Maury has been instrumental in developing safety seminars including Balloonowledge 2012 which was just held in Canton and I believe the BFA Board was in attendance. I don't have a copy of Maury's bio with dates and such but I will have it shortly for the Worlds and will send you a copy. I know that this award is normally given at the BFA Annual General Membership Meeting in Albuquerque. However, if the Board should vote to give this award to Maury, it would be wonderful to present it to him at the World Championship in Battle Creek with numerous BFA members in attendance and an audience of competitors, crew, observers and officials from around the world. Thanks for considering Maury for this great honor. He certainly deserves the recognition. Best regards, David Additional Notes I can support this nomination without reservation. I have had the pleasure of working with Maury on the Events Guidelines and his leadership and organizational skills are great. One thing not mentioned in David’s nomination; when I was BFA president our Board struggled mightily with our first convention efforts in Louisville. Maury stepped up to the challenge of leading our technical program development. This had a major impact on the success of the convention and set the standard for future efforts. This is an excellent opportunity to recognize one of our true contributors. Ray (Bair) Orv: I too support this nomination. His effort on the Events Guidelines is sufficient in my mind to approve Maury as a recipient of the Shields Trauger Award. His many other accomplishments simply embellish his resume. I would suggest that we proceed to submit the nomination to the BFA Board for their consideration at the earliest possible time so the award can be ready for presentation at the World Championships. Jim (Thompson) Download this file