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  2. Tecvisions Balloon Rides

    Tecvisions Balloon Rides If you are looking for an experience of a lifetime, contact us at 515-205-4855 for a Hot Air Balloon ride. You will gently float along enjoying a view only a balloon can provide during your 45 minute to an hour flight. Safety is our #1 priority. With our professional ground team, you will have an incredible experience. Bring your camera and wear comfortable shoes. Is a balloon ride on your bucket list? Other ideas could be, wedding proposals, birthday's, anniversaries, a gift certificate to a friend or family member, or just for fun.All flights are dependent on the weather. Services provided: We can provide instruction to become a hot air balloon pilot. We also do tether rides and can advertise on the side of the balloon. We also can do corporate advertising If you are interested in being a member of our Ground Team, give us a call. Contact us at 515-205-4855 or at Email: tecvisions@hotmail.com. Website: http://www.tecvisions.org.htlm Recently, Pilot Tim Cloyd has been flying "Long Jumps". Long Jumps are balloon rides that are over 25 miles in distance at altitudes above 17,000 feet. TEC Visions has helped many cancer organizations through these long jumps. Tim has now flown the "Extreme Flight to Find a Cure" for 5 years and flights have been in distances from 105 to 413 miles. It has been very successful in raising money for cancer research.