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  1. For Sale... Location is Casper Wyoming. $12,000 Custom BalloonWorks 1988 FireFly 7, N90016. Excellent condition. Everything one would need to fly is in this trailer, lots of extras included. Clear titles to all in hand. Total time is 169 hours. Dual Turning Vents. Pennants. Custom inlaid artwork. Original FireFly envelope bag in great condition. Last annual by FireFly September 2016. NEW: Tank Hoses, Burner Hoses, Refueler Hose, Side Hose, Pressure Gauge Hose, Pilot Vapor Hose, Pressure Relief Valve, Float Gauge Seal, Velcro, Leather/Suede (some new) and Fire Extinguisher. PowerTec Powerline Detector installed (new) FireFly Basket 4.5 A1 Worthington Fuel Tanks with covers (3). Burner T3-017 United Instruments Altimeter and Variometer. Original FireFly Leather/Suede pockets/pouches with logos, manual, logbooks/documentation, artwork. 120 ft Dropline. 3 ring quick release with tie off line. Tether Rope. Custom Dolly with 10” pneumatic tires fits basket and envelope. Tarps, Piebald balloons/full tank helium, Porta Potty never used with water tank, 12 Champagne Flutes, holder and cooler, multiple Crew/Passenger/preflight laminated brochures, lots of printed T-Shirts (all sizes). All locks use same key. FAN: Dayton 2 blade (wood) 5 HP maintenanced/tuned in Dec 2016 and in mint condition. TRAILER: 2010 Wells Cargo TC Tracker, V Nose, 16'6”x 6'8”, new tires with less than 25 miles on them, drop down rear door. SHIPPING: May be able to work out meeting the buyer depending on distance but will ship from Casper WY if that is your preference and at your cost. May be able to work out a “network” to get it to you also.
  2. Once In A Blue Moon

    Found this Blog yesterday written by the previous owner's daughter.... https://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/15459761-of-hot-air-balloons-and-heart-s-desires Of Hot Air Balloons and Heart’s Desires Summer is here, and I look forward to a new joy this year: seeing my late father’s pride and joy, Pegasus, fly the skies again. When my father passed away last year, I sold his custom hot air balloon to help pay for his final arrangements. My father hadn’t flown her in close to 20 years, and I was overjoyed to finally see her aloft again in pictures and video of balloon rallies last fall. Pegasus is a custom made hot air balloon featuring a black Pegasus with silver wings and horn centered on a full blue moon on a purple background flecked with red and silver stars. She flies solid black pennants, with the slogan “Once in a Blue Moon” at the very bottom. Her striking red eyes and black coat were my touch as a child, as I helped my father design the balloon. Pegasus represented his proudest accomplishment of becoming a hot air balloon pilot, which took him many years of study, sandwiched in on evenings and weekends when he wasn’t working hard on overhead door work. I believe that my father’s happiest memories came from flying her, his most favorite thing in the world…and why he couldn’t bring himself to sell her, when he grew too ill to fly. My dad couldn’t bear to let another pilot take custody of his dream. It’s hard to let go of your heart’s desire, even when you know its time. But dreams held too long slowly become weights that hold you back from new dreams. You can’t move forward standing still…or fly, when you are trapped on the ground. Pegasus has a new owner that loves her very much⎯I daresay as much as my dad⎯, and deserves more time in the sun, being admired amidst the clouds. She is part of someone else’s dreams now, with a beautiful future stretching out before her like the endless blue sky. It fills my heart with happiness to see her aloft once more, galloping fast among the clouds. Cherish your past, and live your dreams as much as you can, every day. And when its time, let them go gently, drifting on the wind.
  3. Once In A Blue Moon

    Casper Wyoming