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Balloon Club Membership

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Do you have a balloon club? Find it costly and difficult to maintain a website?

We can help! No longer will you have to mess with anything complicated. Get a Balloon Club membership and do it all here! Have your own forum where you can list topics and interact with your club members as well as other HAB members.

We can even password protect your forum so only your club members have access!
List Club events, Socials, safety seminars and more! Load events onto your own calendar as well as load photos for all your club to see. Be involved in your local balloon club and at the same time be connected to the entire HotAirBalloonist.com world! If you have a balloon club you need to have a Balloon Club Membership on HotAirBalloonist.com. Remember with your own forum you can not just inform your members but INTERACT with them online. Getting a Club Membership even if you have your own website is a great addition to your club.
We have it all here!

Go to the store and Click on this package for a monthly or yearly option.

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