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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 1 result

  1. Hot Air App Tutorial

    Version 1.2

    Over the years Shawn Gano has been working on this application for ballooning. His efforts have created a fantastic app that every pilot should have and use. Our most sincear thanks go out to him for the HUGE amount of time invested in creating this wonderful application. This application has become so big that many do not know how to use it or are overwhelmed by its capabilities. HotAirBalloonist.com has created a powerpoint as a users manuel for this application. This is a power point presentation on the use and features of the Hot Air app from Shawn Gano If you have questions please send them to Info@HotAirBalloonist.com. If you need files created for your flying area or your balloon event contact us at Events@HotAirBalloonist.com. If you wish to have changes made or suggestions for improvements on the Hot Air app contact Shawn Gano at shawn@gano.name Enjoy the Presentation and Become a Member of HotAirBalloonist.com From Shawn G. Hi Jeff -- all I can say is wow! That is the documentation I always wished I had the time to create (but whenever I have time I end up adding new features or fixing bugs instead). That is really fantastic - I really like how you have the information and the screenshots coupled together that really makes it easy to read and understand. I am humbled by all the great pilots using the app and look forward to adding more features in the future. You just made my day Jeff -- thanks a lot for sharing this with me and the community! - Shawn HAB MEMBERS! This presentation is FREE for download for our members. Log in and return here and download this presentation. IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER Please CLICK HERE and purchase a membership to this site. Then as a member all of these paid files will be FREE do download.

    2.00 USD