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BillandTrish Whidden

Florida Balloon Adventures

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Your Adventure... What to expect
Hot Air Ballooning is an outdoor sport and activity. While it does not require any special physical requirements, You MUST be able to get in and out of the basket without assistance! Morning flights are just after sunrise and afternoon flights are a few hours before sunset when winds are light and the air is stable.  Plan for your balloon adventure to take about 3 hours or so.  The time spent in the air is approximately one hour. The flight length is dependent on weather, direction of flight and available landing sites. Meeting at the time designated is crucial, as there are other riders and crew you may inconvenience by being late. 
A suitable launch site may be a 15 or 20 minute drive.

IMPORTANT: You MUST be able to get in and out of the basket without (or very limited) assistance!

AFTER THE FLIGHT (Amenities): In keeping with ballooning tradition, upon landing we pack up and  then offer a bottle of champagne and a thank you to the landowner. Our guests are treated to a champagne ceremony (sparkling cider is also available upon request,) refreshments (cheese, fruit, pastries, crackers and the like,) flight certificates and stories and then are driven back to their cars with a wonderful memory.  Your friends are welcome to come along to watch or assist in the launch, chase and recovery and to join in your festivities, but our transportation space is limited and following along in their own vehicles may be necessary. Don’t forget to bring your camera and four times as much film as you expect to use.  Both still and video cameras are appropriate, our crew will be happy to take pictures of you, but we can’t be responsible for your personal property. 

HOW TO DRESS:  Comfortably!  Walking shoes and long pants are preferable and whatever is comfortable temperature-wise on the ground works in the air.

WHAT TO BRING: Of course, bring cameras, video recorders, etc., but please don’t bring large items such as satchels and large handbags as there’s no room on board and they must be left in the chase vehicle.
It's probably on your 'Bucket List'! Book your Hot Air Balloon Ride now!


vist our website at http://www.floridaballoonadventures.com/index.htm or Call us at 407-414-7451 or
352-253-0031  email:



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