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  •   Ride Operator - 5.00 (Renewal: 5.00 Monthly)

    Do you do rides?

    Get a Balloon Ride Operators membership and create your own advertisement here on this site.

    Go to the balloon rides category and select your state forum. Then click Start New Topic. That simple. You can make an advertisement for your ride operation complete with as much content as you want to add. Create an ad with text and photos. Insert Phone numbers and Emails and even your website URL so someone can just click once and go to your website. Edit any time you want since you are in complete control. Add seasonal specials or special pricing or anything you want.
    Want to share things you have learned. Have concerns? Have ideas to help support the ride operators. Want more direct sales and less middlemen? Become a HotAirBalloonist Ride Operator member. Help promote your rides as well as the balloon ride business. For just $5 a month you can connect with operators all over the country. Help direct sales to your company. Create your own listing on our ride operators forum. Work with other Ride Operators to help promote direct sales to the guys who fly balloons first hand.

    The Balloon Ride Operators membership is the cheapest advertising you can do for your ride operation. Sell just one booking from this site and you have paid for your membership for a YEAR!
    If you go to the Store you can Click on this package for a monthly or yearly option.

  •   Pilot Membership - 4.00 (Renewal: 4.00 Monthly)

    Get a pilot membership.

    Post photos of you and your crew in your photo gallery. Post your own adventures at balloon events. Download maps and products from other members. Help students with questions. Write a blog about your favorite event. Get connected with pilots in other parts of the country. The standard Pilot Membership is filled with items you can use. Join your balloon community and be a Hot Air Balloonist.

    You can also get your Crew a CREW Membership with a gift voucher at checkout. Get a $20 voucher for your crew and you will give them a whole year of membership.

    If you go to the Store you can Click on this package for a monthly or yearly option.

  •   Ground Crew Membership - 2.00 (Renewal: 2.00 Monthly)

    HotAirBalloonist.com has not forgotten the most important part of the team.

    In fact we have made it more affordable for the ground crew to have their own membership at a reduced price.

    JUST $2 a month. A large cup of coffee at your local convenience store will cost that much. Learn new tricks from other Crew. Learn from other Pilots. Learn about weather. Find balloon events that need crew. Volunteer for balloon events in your area. Ask Questions about things you are curious about. For $2 a month we dare you to find a better bargain.

    Pilots get this membership for your crew as a gift! There are gift vouchers available in the store! Your crew is worth it!

    If you go to the Store you can Click on this package for a monthly or yearly option.

  •   Equipment Seller - 10.00 (Renewal: 10.00 Monthly)

    Have equipment for sale? Here is the best way to do it!
    Write your own ad, post your own photos. Edit your ad any way you like. Get questions directly from interested buyers. Don’t answer the same question 100 times. Answer it once in your own post and all can see.
    Best of all when your equipment is sold YOU can REMOVE YOUR OWN AD!
    That's RIGHT. You have completed control of your ad! In fact you can list as much equipment as you want. One membership and you can list 20 items or more if you want. Do you have a bunch of stuff to clear out then this is the perfect membership for you.
    Just $10 a month could sell your equipment in a very short time. Once your equipment is sold, you can downgrade your membership to any of the less expensive packages.

    This Membership also allows the member to sell online files such as Photos, PDF's, Power point presentations and more.

    If you go to the Store you can Click on this package for a monthly or yearly option.

  •   Manufacturers Membership - 5.00 (Renewal: 5.00 Monthly)
    We have not forgotten the people who make our pretty balloons.

    A Manufacture’s membership allows you to post photos and articles as well as upload documents, safety updates, specs and any other items you want your prospective customers to see. Sell balloons, show new arrivals, even post photos of your latest balloon build. All sorts of ways to interact with the clientele you are targeting. Remember you are talking directly to balloonists. You can even Advertise on the site with one of our banner programs.

    Welcome to the site for Balloonists about Balloonists, run by Balloonists and supported by Balloonists.

    Go to the store and Click on this package for a monthly or yearly option.
  •   General Membership - 2.00 (Renewal: 2.00 Monthly)

    Want to kick the wheels and drive us around the block a few times.

    We understand. A standard membership will get you in the door and allow access to many of the fantastic features of HotAirBalloonist.com. Check out the massive Forums. Have a look at the online calendars. Read blogs from events all over. Find a safety seminar in your area and so much more. Let’s face it for just $2 a month you can hardly beat the value of a standard membership. If you are involved in the world of Ballooning in any fashion we urge you to support this forum with at least a basic membership.

    HotAirBalloonist.com Thanks You!

    Go to the Store and Click on this package for a monthly or yearly option.
  •   Event Organizer - 8.00 (Renewal: 8.00 Monthly)
    An Event Organizers membership has a ton of benefits and extras.

    Start off by listing your event on the HAB Balloon Events Calendar!
    You can post your event schedule as well as photos and registered pilots and any other information about your event you would like. Change or update your listing on the calendar at any time. Create a mini website about your event and link it to the events calendar!

    Take advantage of the Download Center! Upload: forms, applications, maps, schedules and almost any item you need for the event. Vendor guidelines, Contact lists, Volunteer applications and more! We will create a custom category just for your event.

    Your event Forum! We also create a forum just for your event where the members of the site can communicate to you! Create a poll before the event and find out what your pilots are thinking. Create a poll after your event to see how you did! The possibilities are staggering and the value for only $8 a month is silly cheap. Advertise your event to thousands of balloon people foe $8 a month!

    We can also create for you a custom forum for your event committees.

    Password protected you can use for your committees so you can all stay on the same page but the password protection keeps it private to your group.

    Get listed today.

    Go to the Store and Click on this package for a monthly or yearly option.
  •   Student Pilot Membership - 10.00 (Renewal: 10.00 Monthly)
    Learning to fly? WE want to help.
    We bet you have a million questions. With a Student Pilots Membership you have access to more resources in one place than anywhere on the web. Ask questions in your own Student Pilots Lounge. Get answers from the Pilots who know. Download resources and tips to make getting your Pilots Certificate a little easier. The permissions of the Student pilot membership is simply one of the most powerful memberships on the site.

    You will even get FREE Downloads in the download center that everyone else has to pay for.

    Go to the store and click on this membership for monthly or yearly options.
  •   Balloon Club Membership - 10.00 (Renewal: 10.00 Monthly)
    Do you have a balloon club? Find it costly and difficult to maintain a website?

    We can help! No longer will you have to mess with anything complicated. Get a Balloon Club membership and do it all here! Have your own forum where you can list topics and interact with your club members as well as other HAB members.

    We can even password protect your forum so only your club members have access!
    List Club events, Socials, safety seminars and more! Load events onto your own calendar as well as load photos for all your club to see. Be involved in your local balloon club and at the same time be connected to the entire HotAirBalloonist.com world! If you have a balloon club you need to have a Balloon Club Membership on HotAirBalloonist.com. Remember with your own forum you can not just inform your members but INTERACT with them online. Getting a Club Membership even if you have your own website is a great addition to your club.
    We have it all here!

    Go to the store and Click on this package for a monthly or yearly option.
  •   Balloon School - 8.00 (Renewal: 8.00 Monthly)
    Do you run a balloon school? Would you like to offer school online?

    Get a balloon school membership and you can have your own online (Password Protected) Forum!
    This would be your own Forum! Give lessons online. Create study guides for your students and let them work at their own pace. Post information about meeting times or due dates. The possibilities are endless of what you can do.
    Go to the Store and Click on this package for a monthly or yearly option.
  •   Repair Station - 4.00 (Renewal: 4.00 Monthly)
    List your Repair Station.

    Photos, Specials, Maps, information for all pilots not just the ones in your area. List Equipment you may have for sale. The Repair Station is the back bone of the balloon world. Without you we would simply be grounded. Sign up today and let us know what you can help us with.

    Go to the store and Click on this package for a monthly or yearly option.
  •   Registered Guest - 0.00 (Renewal: 2.00 Monthly)

    Guest Membership.

    So you may be wondering what a Guest Membership is.

    Simply put you are registering with the site so you can use the site and get a feel for if you would like to be a member in the future. A guest membership will allow others to interact with you inside the site. You can also use a guest membership to redeem a voucher that someone has purchased for you.

    Did you get an E Mail with a Gift Voucher?

    To redeem the gift voucher you must first Register as a guest with the site. Then you can go to the store and redeem your Gift Voucher.

    There is no cost to become a Registered Guest and you will be able to use some of the features of the site. The best benefit is that you will be able to view most of the site and begin to see the value of a paid membership.

    Register today.

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