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  4. Johnson,J,J,Bio.pdf To modify a BIO on file or to add a new BIO, please submit information to the BFA Hall of Fame Committee at Notable Balloonists Johnson,J,J,Bio.docx
  5. This is a Cameron Balloons US 42x58 Aristocrat Basket S/N 9491 (wicker and accessories only) has approximately 300 hours TT and is in good condition with some wear and a couple pieces of broken wicker. Detailed photos attached. Options include: Blue Smooth Leather and Black Scuff Leather. Blue Sidewall Cushions (2) Blue Document Display Case Red Striker Pouch Fire Extinguisher in Red Padded Pouch Blue Cushion Floor Dropline in Blue Smooth Leather Case Poly Skid Guards Multi-Color Accent Weave $3500 Buyer pays shipping or this will be available for pick-up in Florida or at Fiesta.
  6. hotairballoonist

    Student Flight Lesson THREE

    Version 1.0.0


    This presentation is a documentary log of the actual third flight lesson. This flight was taken on 09/12/18


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