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HAB Referral Program

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Welcome aboard HotAirBalloonist.com.

By now you have had a chance to look around some and are beginning to discover all the fantastic features of the site. You may have found your personal area and set up your personal settings. You should have already started some topics in the different categories and Sub-categories. You may also have thought about who else you know that should or could become a member. The site has benefits for all balloonists and their crew. SO..


How about we make it worth your while?

The more users we have the more useful this site becomes. We want you to go and get your fellow ballooners to become part of this site. So lets make it worth your while. How about we give you a little commission on getting new members.


How would you like to have a free membership?

How would you like to have two free memberships? Or a free Banner ad? Or a membership you can give away? Or just earn some cash?


Here is how this works.


You let us know you want to be part of the referral program. We create a custom coupon code just for YOU! Your Crew, Friends, Local Pilots, Event Organizers, and Repair Stations or anyone can use your code to get a discount on a membership! You give them your personal “Coupon Code” They use it during checkout when purchasing a membership. They get a discount on their membership and you get a credit on your account!


When someone gets a new membership they use your coupon code at checkout and they receive 50% off of their membership dues the first month.


You earn a $1 credit on your account for EVERY MONTH they are a member on the site up to one year. So one new member can create a $12 credit for you!


As you can see it won’t take long before your membership is FREE! Get more new members and you get a second membership FREE! So if you a ride operator but you want to sell equipment on the site you can get an “Equipment Sellers Membership” or a “Balloon Club Membership” for free. In fact you can get any second membership added at no cost or, you can give a membership to someone!


When someone signs up using your custom “Coupon Code” a credit will appear in your account and you can use them in the online store for anything in the store. You can even request a payout from your account if you would like to have your account credit turned into cash in your pocket!

WAIT! Did you hear that? YOU CAN GET PAID. In your client area there is a page with your account credit balance. There is also a PAYOUT button. When your account has more than $25 in it you can request a payout and we send you a check!


With all the great features of HotAirBalloonist.com you should not have a hard time getting your friends to join. The only thing you have to do is get the word out and make sure they use your code.


Your new members use your custom code during checkout. When they are asked for a credit card number there will be a link that say’s “I have a coupon” Click on that link and insert the code. There is an online Video Tutorial about this if you want to see it done in a video.



Happy Hunting! See you online!

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