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Balloon Works / Firefly 7

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Aircraft Description:

Balloon Works, Firefly 7-15 / 1996 / SN: F7-892 / N3182P

Basket: 4.0

Burner: Firefly Mirage

Propane Tanks: four (4) 10-gal w/ Electric Heat Blankets.

Hours Approximately 300  Asking $12,500 for complete setup.

N3182P.jpgAdditional Equipment:

Wells Cargo 6X10 trailer w/ Electric Brakes & New Tires

Honda 8 HP Super Vac Inflator Fan

Helium Tank


 Rotation Vent Line

4’ X 4’ Service Cart w/ 41/2” Casters

Complete Tether System including Harness, Crown lines & Tie-offs


Crown line weight and Extra Crown line

Fire Extinguishers


Flytec 3040 w/ Wireless sensor

Two Motorola Mag One BPR40 Radios w/ chargers

Dash Mounted Instruments (altimeter, rate of Climb, Ect.)

Miscellaneous Variable Frequency Aircraft Radios


Pretty much EVERYTHING you couid need all together.




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