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Insurance Changes

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There have been quite a few changes in the insurance world lately and as we all age it is inevitable that changes will occur.  We have been insured with Rob and John for God knows 20 years and we have nothing bad to say about our services with them. THE has been a great insurance company to work with as well.  We have only had 1 claim and it was debunked (LOL). When we found out that Rob and John were selling out to IMC I was a little concerned as I was not a big fan of the company due to rates quotes and customer service encounters in the past. Maybe we were all just spoiled with the Balloonist way _ so laid back - That Schantz has always offered us that it was just to different for me.  (This is my personal opinion.) 

My insurance is not set to renew until May 2019 and after doing a lot of research and looking at the options I think I would like to stay with THE Insurance and I started looking into who took over to see if it was an option when I heard the news that Schantz was retiring.  For anyone that doesn't know an Aviation Insurance Company called A.I.R. Insurance has set up a balloon pilot to take on this project of balloon insurance with THE Insurance.   I just thought I would voice my thoughts on the subject for those that don't know the changes and for those of you who are looking Patrick has been supper helpful and very quick.  I have voiced so many questions to him and he has been amazingly helpful with all the answers. I love having THE in our backyard and the customer service reps are very interested in balloons. My renewal is approaching (right in the beginning of festival season) and I think I have made my choice.  Just thought I should throw this out there for those that didn't know and want to have time to research on your own. I can't wait to see what other changes are in store but I do feel confident that having met Patrick and having worked with him already it will be an easy transition. 

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