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    Post Irma WOW, WHEW, YIKES, HOLY COW and more. I have lived in Florida for nearly three decades. 8 years over on the gulf coast and 22 years here in the Central Florida area. I have been thru a few hurricanes but this one was something completely different. I say that, but when I think back, each hurricane is unique in its own way. The first thing about Irma was the sheer size of the storm. Coast to coast, the hurricane was drawing strength from both the Atlantic side and from the Gulf of Mexico at the same time. We are located just west of the Disney World area. The Eye of the storm came right at us until the last minute when the eye wall just blew apart and became the biggest down burst you could imagine. WE had 64 mile per hour sustained winds with gusts over 90 for 6 hours! We did not sleep for more than 40 hours. The anxiety level was horrible. The next morning we crawled out for our first look. As tens of thousands of other people were doing the same thing, as we viewed our properties. We lost power about 8pm that night and would have no power for the next 4 days. We live out in a very rural area and have no city water so without electric our home is nothing more than a very fancy tent. Shingles missing, fences down, debris everywhere, BIG BIG 120 year old OAK trees down over our drive way with no way out. No place to go anyway since everything was under a curfew and many had no power. The Good news was that we are all safe, our home is still in one piece and we can live in it. The trees missed our vehicles (by less than three feet). To our surprise our neighbor and one of our best pilot friends showed up when they heard we were trapped and brought chain saws. Three of us with Chain saws and 5 others spend nearly 5 hours cutting our way out. The three of us with chain saws were joking that we were playing a big kids game of Jenga. Cut the wrong branch and very bad things could happen. Carefully and very surgically we cut the branches down to the main trunk. We then used a floor jack to support some of the last cuts managed to free ourselves from our blocked in status. We did have a generator but it was a very small one. Years ago, I wired in pig-tails into my electrical box. This would allow me to use what is called as a suicide cord to plug the generator directly into the house. The generator was one I had purchased back when I was a single man and did not need A/C or all those extras. This was a generator that would keep the refrigerator, freezer running. It would also provide us a few fans, a few lights, TV and satellite and enough power to run my office to provide internet to the house. We had to shut down my office and the fans so my wife could vacuum before bed. A ritual that not even a hurricane would stop. The next five days were spent mostly outside. I had two 55 gallon drums that had been converted into burning cans. We had then running for more than a week straight. We had literally a ton of debris from the trees all over the property. Rake and rake and then rake some more. Load the wheel barrow and take it back to the burn cans. At one point we had a pile in the back yard the size of a 15 passenger van. Two weeks later and we still have a pile bigger than that out in the front of the house. We did do a tremendous amount of work preparing for the storm and ALL of it was worthwhile in the end. Over all we were very fortunate it sure could have been much worse and for many it was and our hearts go out to those who have lost their home or still have no power. When our power came back on we immediately loaned out our generator to a retired couple who were living in a mobile home with no power. We had heard thru a friend of a friend that the husband had just been released from the hospital for heat exhaustion and severe dehydration from being in the mobile home for 4 days with no AC. They were able to run a small room air conditioner and the fridge with a few lights and a fan. Their daughter could not thank us enough and we knew firsthand how the heat had taken a huge toll on us. The heat here in Florida is no joke and after a hurricane moves thru it draws all the water and clouds with it. So we were baking in 92 degree heat and 90% humidity and perfectly clear skies. Anyone exposed to this kind of heat can easily, for even the healthiest of us, become very overwhelmed with that. I know when Gina and I hit day 6 we were both suffering from exhaustion and we had our power back and A/C so we could go inside and relax a little. My parents were extremely fortunate. They never lost electric and had virtually no damage to their home at all. In fact they were part of the cleanup crew the morning after, when we had to cut and clear two huge oak trees from our driveway. My father told me that I should not be carrying such big logs with my bad ankle. I continued to cut and carry because the job just had to be done. A few minutes later my brother told me to tell dad to stop carrying such big logs and I told him that dad had said the same thing to me and I did not listen so I don’t think he would listen to me either. Our evening ritual became a trip to grandma’s house. My wife and I and our two small children would go to grandma’s house each night for some AC and showers till we got our power back on. Over all we were blessed. It is sad to see the 100+/yr old trees come down and there will forever be a whole in the sky in our front yard. The wind was from the east and we have a large lake directly east of our home so there was no stopping the wind and the gusts that were pounding us all night long. Cleanup will go on for weeks and it will be a very long time before the scars heal and normalcy creeps its way back in, but it will. THANK YOU to all our friends who called, texted, emailed and more. WOW, WHEW, YIKES, HOLY COW and THANK GOD… Jeff
  4. RX-8 Rebuild envelope

    This envelope flew like a dream. Pully Assist parachute and a 90K envelope. Top half is worn out. Needs rebuilt. Asking $1500.00
  5. RXS-8 Rebuild Candidate

    This is an Aerostar RXS-8 envelope. Mostly Yellow. To of balloon was converted from a Spring Top to a Parachute. Lower half in fair shape. Parachute and top 1/2 need to be replaced. Replacement cost about $6,500.00 Once complete the envelope would be worth 10K. Asking $2,800.00
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  9. Below is a list of the Notable Balloonists that have Biographies on file with the BFA Hall of Fame committee. This list is by no means the entire list of people who are considered notable. If you know of someone whom you believe should have a biography on file then please reply to this topic with as much information as you can provide, Please provide Photos Dates Articles contact information (for you and for candidate) Ballooning history as best as you can construct. Any other information, drawings, or items you believe to be significant. You can also send information to Orvin Olivier – Committee Chair 3208 E 31st Street Sioux Falls, SD 57103 (605)366-2343 oolivier@amfam.com Biographies currently on file. BIOGRAPHIES OF BALLOONISTS CURRENTLY ON FILE INCLUDING THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN INDUCTED INTO THE HALL OF FAME. (Hall of Fame inductees are all caps and in bold) ABRUZZO, BEN (Inducted 2011) Abruzzo, Richard Adams, Mike ALLEN CAPT. EDDIE (Inducted 2008) ANDERSON, MAXIE (Inducted 2011) Aoki, Rocky Armstrong, William G Arras, William Bacon, Frank Bailey, David “Rocky” Baird, Andy Barker, Roger BARNES, TRACY (Inducted 2008) Barnum, Eric Bartholomew, Rob Barz, Pat Bennett Jr., James Gordon Berry William Billones, Lou Birk, Jim Blount, Alan Blucher, Steve Boland, Brian Bombard, Buddy Book, Wally BRADLEY, TROY (Inducted 2016) Britton, Gary Brown, Richard Brown, William Bryant, Phill Bushnell, Wilfred BUSSEY, WILLIAM (Inducted 2016) Cannon, Pat CAPLAN, NIKKI (Inducted 2014) Carlton, Dean Cayton, Andy Chapman, Edward Clark, Ron Cole, Timothy COMSTOCK, BRUCE (Inducted 2006) Comstock, Tucker CUTTER, SID (Inducted 2011) Davies, Tom Davis IV, John C. DAVIS, CAROL RYMER (Inducted 2011) Donner, Nick DUNN, CHAUNCEY (Inducted 2014) Eareckson, William Edwards, Don Edwards, Sam Ehrler, Mike Eidsness, Carl Elmstrom, Lois Emich, Michael C. FAIRBANKS, TONY (Inducted 2010) FLODEN, DENNIS (Inducted 2013) FORBES, MALCOM (Inducted 2011) FOSSETT, STEVE (Inducted 2011) Foster, Dr. Coy Fraenckel, Alan & Victor GRABB, WILLIAM (Inducted 2011) Graves, Harold Gray, George Grove, Ronald Hall, Gordon Hawley, Alan Head, Tarp Heartsill, Joe Heinsheimer, Tom Hersey, Henry Blanchford Hill, Edward J Jaworski, Dr. Richard Johnson, Raymond J Jones, Steve Kepner, William KERSTEN, DON (Inducted 2011) Keuser, Richard Kinsinger, Robert KITTINGER, JOE (Inducted 2011) Knapp, Kevin Kneeland, Sandy Kolba, Jon Lahm, Frank LEVIN, DAVID (Inducted 2017) Lind, Ruth LOWE, THADDEUS (Inducted 2017) Markert, Charlie McConnell, Tom McCracken, Alan McCracken, W.P. Meadows, Bill MEDDOCK, DODDS (Inducted 2015) Mix, E.W. Morton, W.W. Moyer, Glen MURTORFF, BILL (Inducted 2013) Nels, Al Newman, Larry Nott, Julian Oerman, Tom Olivier, Orvin E. Padelt, Bert Palmer, Gary Parks, Sam PELLEGRINO, PETER (Inducted 2006) Petrehn, Cindy Petrehn, John R. Petrehn, Jonny Petrehn, Paul PICCARD, DON (Inducted 2014) Piccard, Jeannette Post, Frederick Preston, Ralph Pryne, Annie Rapp, David Rechs Robert REINHARD, DEWEY (Inducted 2011) Robinson, David Ruble, Gary Schloosser, Arthur Semich, Mark Settle, Thomas Shantz, Jetta Shantz, Rob SHEPPARD, TOM (Inducted 2010) Shoecraft, John Smith, Bill SONNICHSEN, DEKE (Inducted 2011) Sokup, Jacques Spaeth, Debbra A. SPARKS, BOBBY (Inducted 2016) Sprott, King STEFAN, KARL (Inducted 2009) STEFAN, LUCY (Inducted 2009) Stockwell, Brent Stokes, George Sullivan, Mark Sullivan, Maury Temeyer, Brad THOMAS, DR. CLAYTON (Inducted 2009) Thompson, Jeff Thompson, Jim Uliassi, Kevin Upson, Ralph Vadala, Eleanor Van Orman, Ward Waligunda, Robert L. Wallace, Michael Walter Forey Weinman, Jim & Maxine Wellens, Bruce West, Mark White, Cheri WIEDERKEHR MATT (Inducted 2012) Winker, Greg WINKER, JIM (Inducted 2009) Wise, John WOLFE, CONNIE (Inducted 2009) Wright Smith, Beth Wright, Terry YOST, ED (Inducted 2009) Zanella, Robert L.
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