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  • Equipment For SALE By hotairballoonist

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    Post your equipment on HAB!  This video will explain how to list your equipment for sale on the HAB  site!  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!  Post your equipment with photos, full description, Contact information, Price, Location and MORE!  This is the easiest way to advertise your equipment to balloonists all over! REMEMBER to LIST Your location, Your contact information, Phone, Email, Price, Photos, (up to 20MB) Full description.  Year, Hrs, Annual and any other
  • Hot Air App Tutorial By hotairballoonist

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    Over the years Shawn Gano has been working on this application for ballooning. His efforts have created a fantastic app that every pilot should have and use. Our most sincere thanks go out to him for the HUGE amount of time invested in creating this wonderful application.   This application has become so big that many do not know how to use it or may be overwhelmed by its capabilities. HotAirBalloonist.com has created PDF as a users manual for this application. This  presentation on th
  • Get a Membership By hotairballoonist

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    This video shows how easy it is to get a membership on HotAirBalloonist.com.  In less than 2 minutes you can have access to areas of the site that are private "Members Only" areas.  See more, Do More and share your opinions and ideas with hundreds of fellow balloonists.  This site was built by a Balloonist for all Balloonist's.  The member features are in the hundreds.  Join today and see what you have been missing.
  • The Follow Feature By hotairballoonist

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    The FOLLOW Feature This is one of the greatest features on the entire site.  This feature allows YOU "The Member" to choose what you want to be informed of and to limit the number of emails you receive from the site.  You can Follow just about anything, from entire categories to single topics, even your own postings and more.  Follow a calendar of events or follow the news category or even a balloon club. Follow a PZ map at a balloon event!  Choose the items that interest you.  When y
  • Drone Winds By hotairballoonist

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    IN this presentation we will explain how you can now use a drone to get your winds aloft report and how this is done.  What app’s you will need.  How they work.  The costs involved.  We will look at real world examples of this process being used for ballooning.  We will show the FAA requirements and how to have your sUAS added to your pilots certificate.  We will look at the benefits. Compare the costs. Out line the programs and pro

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