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Targets by Numbers 1.0.0

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I must give credit for this idea to Todd Hastie. 

We all know that there are a BUNCH of potential targets at the National Balloon Classic.  Sometimes while using the IMG_1699.pngHotAir.app it is rather difficult to figure out exactly which target pin you are trying to fly at.  While the recently added feature called the “Long Tap” gives you the ability to place a target on the map while you are flying and it draws a line from where you are to the target (See page 7 of the HotAir.app tutorial) you still must figure out what target pin you are flying at!  Todd’s idea was to create a KML file for each of the targets therefore allowing you to turn on only the targets you are going to be flying at on that flight.  While I have great admiration for the time and effort Todd has put into making a separate KML file for each of the 140 targets!  The process of downloading 140 separate KML files to use in your HotAir.app is something most would never do BUT…. 

selectedKMLs.png.8ff0abbe2cb0d1de84424fdadf70b7ae.pngWhat if we made the KML files so they were grouped in “Tens”?  For example; A KML for targets 100-110 and 111-120 and 121-130 and so on.  In some cases like target group (301-310) there are only 3 targets in that range or (371-380) has only 2 targets in that range.  So for example let’s say you have a flight where your targets are #274, #258, #102, #159, & #136.  Then you would go into your Custom KML overlays and turn on KML files 100-110, 131-140, 151-160, 251-260, & 271-280.  This would show only 27 target pins on your entire map instead of all 140.  This would make finding the exact target you are flying too much easier.  Now granted you will still have to download 29 KML’s to do this but that shouldn’t take more than about 10 minutes but it will save that amount of time ten fold during the flight when timeIMG_1702.png is most precious.  If you wish to use this process for finding targets select “Download this File” and you will find all 29 KML’s here for you to download. 

Currently there are NO TARGETS in the KML files for groups (351-360), (361-370), (381-390), & (391-400).  So you will not see a KML file for those number groups.  This leaves you with 29 KML’s to download.

Thank you Todd for this great idea!







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