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    By hotairballoonist, in Weather,

    WOW, WHEW, YIKES, HOLY COW and more.  I have lived in Florida for nearly three decades.  8 years over on the gulf coast and 22 years here in the Central Florida area.  I have been thru a few hurricanes but this one was something completely different. I say that, but when I think back, each hurricane is unique in its own way.

  • Believe it or not there is some very well thought out science behind a good balloon envelope storage bag.
    Factory balloon bags are horrible. They spend a large amount of time engineering the balloon, basket, burner and instruments and then stick the balloon in a one size fits all type of bag. Generally the bag is oversized because as we all know when a balloon is new it is completely air tight and is hard to get all the air out of it. In fact I believe the coating they spray on the inside of the fabric has some sort of air generating compound in it.


  • Flying Miss Norma


    Jim Thompson


    On January 20th the Thompson family had a ballooning experience that we will remember forever. Jeff had three ride balloons scheduled for that morning. The weather had not cooperated during several winter months with only five flights in December and four in January. As usual Jeff was the pilot on the lead balloon, Jon was also scheduled to fly and Doug Cleghorn was the third pilot. Connie and I were out to crew along with another pilot Glen Marks. Glen was at the Classic last year and flew one of Andy William’s ride balloons. As you will learn later it was a blessing to have Glen along.

  • There are many programs out there for use on an iPad or other tablets. Some are so complex that they are simply unusable. This is the first article of several to come about programs that are NOT so difficult to use but DO HAVE great features for the Balloonist.


    This first program is called GPS HD by Motion X