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How do I get Listed?

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How can I put my information about becoming a crew member here in this forum?


Become a member. 


Click on the yellow Create Account box in the upper right hand corner of the webpage.  Choose a membership and fill out the information and follow the directions.  A Paid Membership will give you the ability to interact in many areas of the site.  You can select from many different memberships. 


You can also get a FREE membership by clicking on the Registered Guest Membership.  The free membership will only allow you to post a topic in this Category.  You will not be allowed to post topics in other categories.  For more permissions to participate in other areas select the paid membership that suits your needs best.


Once you have a membership return to this category and please view the two sample topics here.  Use these sample topics as a guideline for creating your topic..


Here are the different memberships available.  Just click on the one that best suits you and it will take you directly to that membership.


Have fun.


BClub.png ESeller.png EventO.png groundC.png Manu.png Member.png Pilot.png Repair.png RGuest.png RideO.png School.png sponsor.png Student.png

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