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The Sky’S The Limit Balloonscape


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The Sky’s the Limit BalloonScape is a one-of-a-kind attraction at the National Balloon Museum that reflects the sights, scenes, and historical points of Indianola.


Purchase a metal balloon and work with an artist of your choice to design and creatively paint a balloon that represents your organization and the theme,


“The Sky's The Limit!” The balloon base is inscribed with the name of your organization or person purchasing the balloon. A BalloonScape would be a great way to honor a Ballooning Pioneer or enthusiast. You can choose to place your balloon in the BalloonScape Garden at the National Balloon Museum or place it at a destination of your choice.  The 3 foot tall, 12-panel metal balloon weighs 150 lbs.




Download Application

Becky Wigeland


National Balloon Museum

1601 North Jefferson Way

P.O.Box 149

Indianola,IA 50125-0149








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