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Obbs Map


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Here is where you can go and use a map of your area to view all of the observation stations in your area.




Not only will you see the stations around the area you can hover your mouse over the station and a pop up will open to tell you the current conditions.  Click on a station and you will be taken to the stations webpage.  Here you can see current conditions as well as past condtions. 


Allow the page a few moments to complete the upload nad you will also see navigation bar at the top appear.  Here you can see many other things as well as the forcast for that station written by the staff meterologist at that location.  So you can get several different forecasts for your area written by independant meterologists.  You can also get the local RUC sounding for that location.


A very nice map to have and use.

There is now a new web page for this information.  It will take some getting used to but it looks pretty good.




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