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Notable Balloonists with Biographies

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Below is a list of the Notable Balloonists that have Biographies on file with the BFA Hall of Fame committee.  This list is by no means the entire list of people who are considered notable.

If you know of someone whom you believe should have a biography on file then please reply to this topic with as much information as you can provide,

Please provide

  • Photos
  • Dates
  • Articles
  • contact information (for you and for candidate)
  • Ballooning history as best as you can construct.
  • Any other information, drawings, or items you believe to be significant.

You can also send information to

Orvin Olivier – Committee Chair

3208 E 31st Street

Sioux Falls, SD 57103



Biographies currently on file.


ABRUZZO, BEN         (Inducted 2011)
Abruzzo, Richard
Adams, Mike
ALLEN CAPT. EDDIE (Inducted 2008)
ANDERSON, MAXIE (Inducted 2011)

Aoki, Rocky
Armstrong, William G
Arras, William
Bacon, Frank
Bailey, David “Rocky”
Baird, Andy
Barker, Roger
BARNES, TRACY (Inducted 2008)
Barnum, Eric
Bartholomew, Rob
Barz, Pat
Bennett Jr., James Gordon
Berry William
Billones, Lou
Birk, Jim
Blount, Alan
Blucher, Steve
Boland, Brian
Bombard, Buddy
Book, Wally
BRADLEY, TROY (Inducted 2016)
Britton, Gary
Brown, Richard
Brown, William
Bryant, Phill
Bushnell, Wilfred
BUSSEY, WILLIAM (Inducted 2016)
Cannon, Pat
CAPLAN, NIKKI (Inducted 2014)
Carlton, Dean
Cayton, Andy
Chapman, Edward
Clark, Ron
Cole, Timothy
COMSTOCK, BRUCE  (Inducted 2006)
Comstock, Tucker
CUTTER, SID (Inducted 2011)
Davies, Tom
Davis IV, John C.
DAVIS, CAROL RYMER (Inducted 2011)
Donner, Nick
DUNN, CHAUNCEY (Inducted 2014)
Eareckson, William
Edwards, Don
Edwards, Sam
Ehrler, Mike
Eidsness, Carl
Elmstrom, Lois
Emich, Michael C.
FAIRBANKS, TONY  (Inducted 2010)
FLODEN, DENNIS (Inducted 2013)
FORBES, MALCOM (Inducted 2011)
FOSSETT, STEVE (Inducted 2011)

Foster, Dr. Coy
Fraenckel, Alan & Victor
GRABB, WILLIAM (Inducted 2011)
Graves, Harold
Gray, George
Grove, Ronald
Hall, Gordon
Hawley, Alan
Head, Tarp
Heartsill, Joe
Heinsheimer, Tom
Hersey, Henry Blanchford
Hill, Edward J
Jaworski, Dr. Richard
Johnson, Raymond J
Jones, Steve
Kepner, William
KERSTEN, DON (Inducted 2011)
Keuser, Richard
Kinsinger, Robert
KITTINGER, JOE (Inducted 2011)
Knapp, Kevin
Kneeland, Sandy
Kolba, Jon
Lahm, Frank
LEVIN, DAVID (Inducted 2017)
Lind, Ruth
LOWE, THADDEUS  (Inducted 2017)
Markert, Charlie
McConnell, Tom
McCracken, Alan
McCracken, W.P.
Meadows, Bill
MEDDOCK, DODDS (Inducted 2015)
Mix, E.W.
Morton, W.W.
Moyer, Glen
MURTORFF, BILL (Inducted 2013)
Nels, Al
Newman, Larry
Nott, Julian
Oerman, Tom
Olivier, Orvin E.
Padelt, Bert
Palmer, Gary
Parks, Sam
PELLEGRINO, PETER (Inducted 2006)
Petrehn, Cindy
Petrehn, John R.
Petrehn, Jonny
Petrehn, Paul
PICCARD, DON (Inducted 2014)
Piccard, Jeannette
Post, Frederick
Preston, Ralph
Pryne, Annie
Rapp, David
Rechs Robert
REINHARD, DEWEY (Inducted 2011)
Robinson, David
Ruble, Gary
Schloosser, Arthur
Semich, Mark
Settle, Thomas
Shantz, Jetta
Shantz, Rob
SHEPPARD, TOM (Inducted 2010)
Shoecraft, John
Smith, Bill
SONNICHSEN, DEKE (Inducted 2011)
Sokup, Jacques
Spaeth, Debbra A.
SPARKS, BOBBY (Inducted 2016)
Sprott, King
STEFAN, KARL (Inducted 2009)
STEFAN, LUCY (Inducted 2009)

Stockwell, Brent
Stokes, George
Sullivan, Mark
Sullivan, Maury
Temeyer, Brad
THOMAS, DR. CLAYTON  (Inducted 2009)
Thompson, Jeff
Thompson, Jim
Uliassi, Kevin
Upson, Ralph
Vadala, Eleanor
Van Orman, Ward
Waligunda, Robert L.
Wallace, Michael
Walter Forey
Weinman, Jim & Maxine
Wellens, Bruce
West, Mark
White, Cheri
WIEDERKEHR MATT (Inducted 2012)
Winker, Greg
WINKER, JIM (Inducted 2009)
Wise, John
WOLFE, CONNIE (Inducted 2009)
Wright Smith, Beth
Wright, Terry
YOST, ED (Inducted 2009)
Zanella, Robert L.  


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