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NPRM Reminder


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Time is running out!

I know I have pestered you about this and this will be the last time because things are about to hit the Inflation Fan.

You have just about 12 days left.

I have made two postings on the FAA NPRM comments page.  One under my name and one for the HotAirBalloonist.com community website.  I may even make one more post this week.

Just to review.

Pilot Skip Nichols flew on a marginal IFR day and descended thru clouds into high tension powerlines killing himself and 15 passengers.  The NTSB had a board of inquiry and suggested that commercial balloon pilots be required to have a 2nd class medical or an LOA to conduct commercial balloon activities.

Here are direct links to resources you should be aware of.

The NTSB Recommendation.

The transcript of the NTSB public hearing.

The passed regulation

PUBLIC LAW 115–254—OCT. 5, 2018.png

Here are some key comments from the FAA and the hearing transcript.

Poor Decision.png

As you can see from the transcript that the NTSB admits the probable cause was poor decision making.  A medical of any kind will not prevent that.


The NTSB also suggests “Ways to target” and “Pose the most significant safety risks”  This would indicate the LARGE BALLOON RIDE OPERATORS.

Lastly, when it comes to a “Letter of Authorization” here is what was testified at the NTSB Hearing on the Lockhart incident in that regard.

LOA Results.png

So as we wind down to the last few days to make any comments, WILL YOU? 

Here is a question for you.  Are you obese?  Look at this chart and calculate your BMI.  Then ask are you considered obese?  You may not qualify for a 2nd class medical.  Look at the chart below.  If your score is to the right of the RED area you may have a problem.


Do you snore?  You may have sleep apnea?  You guessed it, you may have a problem!  Even if you are in good health can you list every doctor visit, the reason for the visit and every medication prescription and over the counter going back 3 years?  Go ahead and register with the FAA and fill out a form 8500-8  Take a look at all of the info they will want from you. 

We have only a few days left to comment.  The proposed regulations will have a far reaching impact on many aspects of ballooning.  It is my opinion that a 2nd class medical will do little to promote safety in any way yet harm the LTA world in so many ways that we simply cannot even predict at this time.

YOU HAVE 12 days left to make a comment.

CLICK HERE to voice your comments.



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