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The Nylon Telegraph

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What is The Nylon Telegraph?

The Nylon Telegraph is the communication HUB of the HotAirBalloonist.com site.  New members are automatically subscribed to each of three Forums and two sub-forums in The Nylon Telegraph category.

The three main forums within The Nylon Telegraph are,

  • The Balloonetin Board

The Balloonetin Board is for members only.  It is for any general topic about ballooning.  You can ask questions and even start a poll!  This forum is viewable by members only.  You must be a logged in member to view and post topics on The Balloonetin Board.

  • Equipment Transport

Many pilots travel across this country and often times we have space in our trucks or trailers to help a fellow balloonist.  This forum is used to help make the connection between someone who may have spare room to transport a piece of equipment or someone who is looking to get a piece of equipment from one location to another.  As with the other forums in The Nylon Telegraph when you post a topic here the HAB system will send out hundreds of emails to fellow Balloonists to help you make that connection.

  • Wanted

The wanted forum can be used to find that odd item that you just can not locate anywhere else or to ask if someone might want to sell an item they have and had forgotten about.  Inside this forum there are two sub-forums for Pilots and Crew who are available or looking for work.  Here again when you post a topic the HAB system will send out hundreds of emails in hopes of helping make the connection you are looking for.

There are two sub-forums within the Wanted forum. 

  • Pilots Available/Wanted
  • Crew Available/Wanted

Here are the rules for posting.

ONLY A "Logged in Member" of the site is able to post in any of the forums.

The rules for posting for all three main forums and both sub-fourms are the same.  They are as follows,

This forum is for balloon related topics.  You must be a Member or Registered Guest to start a topic.  Replies can be deleted by any moderator if found to be in poor taste or off topic.  You may add photos and hyperlinks to your postings so 226097685_1043178489761737_4200425696804736136_n.jpglong as they are also balloon related and apply to the original topic.  You may add Email Links also

We will use a three strike method for this category.  You will warned about bad behavior three times and then your email will be banned from the site.

Please conduct yourself accordingly.

The viewing rules are as follows:

ONLY LOGGED IN MEMBERS can view the Balloonetin Board forum.

Any visitor can view the Equipment Transport and Wanted forums


When a member creates a topic in any of the forums within "The Nylon Telegraph" the HAB system sends out hundreds of emails to members with the topic information that a member has posted.  Each email has a link were members can click and go directly to the new posted topic.  This system allows any member of the site to communicate with hundreds of fellow balloonists in just minutes by creating a single topic in the appropriate forum.

What do I do as a member when I get one of these emails?

When you receive an email from the HAB system notifying you that a fellow Balloonist has created a new topic you have a couple of options. 

First if the new topic is of no interest to you, simply delete the email

If the topic is something that you would like to learn more about or would like to see what others may post in response you click the link at the bottom of the email, log in and select the "FOLLOW" button and the HAB system will notify you any time additional replies are made to that topic.  When you no longer wish to be informed simply go to that topic and select "UNFollow"

What if I do not want to get emails from The Nylon Telegraph?

Log into the site and navigate to the forum that you do not want to receive emails from.  Up in the right hand corner of the forum you will see the "Following" button.  Scroll your mouse over that button and a pop up window will show.  The pop up window will say "Change Follow Preference". Simply Click on the button and you will be able to change your follow preferences.  You can check "UNFollow" at the bottom right corner of that window.  While we would prefer you stay connected to the site we do understand that you may have gotten out of ballooning or wish to reduce your email volume.  But please keep in mind that once the system sends you an email about a newly posted topic the HAB system will not send any further emails about that specific topic unless you choose to follow it.

We hope that this explains for you what "The Nylon Telegraph" is and how it works. 

This is only one of dozens and dozens of features available for our members on the HotAirBalloonist.com site. For more information about what this site can do please read "What this site can do"





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44 year LTA pilot, BFA member since 1977, BFA Level DA-8, Ed Yost Master Pilot. 6500 flights, 5650 Flight Hours

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