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Balloon Articles 08/27/2021


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Looking for some help from our members.  On the HAB site we have an area for Balloon Articles.  These can be written by anyone.  Do you have an article you have written about a ballooning topic!  Would you like to write an article about something balloon related?  It can be anything from how you train your ground team to the Go No/Go limits you have for flying passengers.  

We have a bunch of categories and are happy to add more if you wish to see more areas.  We can also make the Article Categories available for viewing by guests (anyone) or for Members who are logged into the site. 

So, have a look!  Go to the HotAirballoonist.com site.  Run your mouse over (or click) the “Current News” link at the top of the page.  There is a categories block in the right hand column where you can see the current article categories.

If you have a new category for this page or if you feel that a current category or a new category should be a members only area just let me know.  Send your emails to Jeff@HotAirBalloonist.com.

Log in and post a new article today!

Share your experience, wisdom, wit and knowledge!

Thank you for all you do for the Balloon World.

Jeff A Thompson


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44 year LTA pilot, BFA member since 1977, BFA Level DA-8, Ed Yost Master Pilot. 6500 flights, 5650 Flight Hours

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